Overview - Online Feedback Kiosk

 Off-The-Shelf Solution


Clients always look for the best method to collect feedback from the user to continues improving the services. But many method often fail due to lack of interactive and time consuming. Therefore VISHTECH has perfect live online feedback kiosk for any industries who practise Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Our solution are interactive, fast, simple and user friendly. We can supply KIOSK Stand and Devices together with this solution upon request. 


Curently our Online Feedback Kiosk use at

  • Medical Industries
  • Tourism Industries
  • Restaurans 




Demo Available for Front-End only. For the Back-End kindly contact our sales executive for login details. 



  • Real Time.
  • User Friendly.
  • Language Selection (English/Malay)
  • Fit up to 10 Questions
  • 4 Type of answer available (Multiple Option Or Radio Button Or Check Box Or Text Box for writing)
  • Monthly Report + Infographic Graph
  • Export to CSV
  • Share Report to Public to Access View 


How much it will cost?

The price are based on request modules. The estimate price start from RM 5,000.00 to RM 20,000.00. We also have monthly payment scheme for the budget client. Please contact us for more information.